Saturday, March 10, 2012

The world's 100 richest hedge funds in 2010

Here is the link to the Bloomberg report on the top performing hedge funds in 2010 published in February 2011:

We are lucky Jeff Gundlach didn't open his own hedge fund and we can still invest in DoubleLine DBLTX.

The report mentions Gundlach on page 43:

--Three of the top 10 funds made money on mortgage bonds, according to Bloomberg data. The mortgage market is often lucrative for hedge funds because it’s volatile, says Jeffrey Gundlach, chief executive at Doubleline Capital LP, a Los Angeles manager of mutual funds that trade mortgages. “The mortgage market has every single risk,” Gundlach says. People default, banks foreclose on housing loans and the government often changes the rules. “Any market that has risks morphs into opportunity,” he says.--

This was first-ever ranking of the top 100 large hedge funds. Look at the strategy of each ot the top performing funds. Mortgages, gold,  emerging markets and global economic trends stand out. You can pass this link to your friends who were hypnotized to believe that equity value investing is the only way of successful investing and all the global macro funds go bust. Although, why would I care...

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