Sunday, September 6, 2009

Goldman Sachs’s Hedge Fund Report

Here’s an excellent in-depth read from Goldman Sachs tracking movements. The majority of their data was taken from SEC filings and public disclosures. In the report, they specifically focus on re-risking and the fact that these funds now have net long exposure near levels unseen in a long time.

Some interesting tidbits:

- Hedge funds now own 3.7% of the financial sector’s market capitalization.

- Hedge funds boosted ownership in financials by 55% on a quarter over quarter basis, to $70 billion.

- They favored Bank of America as the number of funds owning it doubled (quarter over quarter). JPMorgan Chase was the second favorite. Notable fund managers like Dan Loeb (Third Point) and (Paulson & Co) loaded up on shares of BAC, among many other prominent managers. It really is almost astounding how many big names piled into this play over the .

Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Monitor

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